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Michelle Northey from Valparaiso: “Our experience at Cavanaugh and Nondorf has exceeded my expectations. From quality of care to the great, friendly staff to the on-time and convenient appointments, we have been extremely pleased with our journey through braces!”

Kimberly Carpenter from Hebron: “Always on time, always helpful, always friendly. I can’t say enough nice things about the staff and quality of care.”

Maria Stamp from Valparaiso: “Thanks for everything!”

Michelle Hanson from Valparaiso: "I really appreciated how the doctor was able to work with our special situation and speed up the process. Everyone has been very kind and helpful.”

Krissy Cahill from Valparaiso: “Quality of care is excellent. Very friendly staff all around. Always felt informed of progress.”

Jackie Anweiler from Kouts: “Our family has found Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics a super-easy business to work with. They are extremely friendly, helpful, flexible, and even fun. We are called and reminded of upcoming appointments and allowed to reschedule easily. Billing, payments, and insurance help is always quickly taken care of. They’ve heard my children’s concerns and been wonderfully flexible in their care. Appointments are timely and contests are fun! We recommend highly!”

Rene Dawson from Valparaiso: “I’ve had four children who have had/are having ortho treatment. The staff has always been pleasant and helpful. When there has been any problems or issues the staff has been very accommodating. The appointments have been on time. Through all our years with Cavanaugh/Nondorf orthodontics we’ve had wonderful care.”

Daffnie Pavlench from Valparaiso: “The friendly staff was a pleasure. The fact Nicholas NEVER had to wait to be seen. On-time appointments! The overall experience was such a great experience. I tell everyone to come here.”

Roxanne Chayhitz from Valparaiso: “The staff has been always friendly and helpful. In 5-6 years coming, we never had long waits. Thank you all for what you do. Fantastic staff!”

Peggy Wolf, hygienist from Wanatah: “Very nice front desk staff, DDSs were so great to let me back with kids. Love the back staff; great with questions and Kim’s the best. Love the office and always recommend patients come here.”

Patricia A Poncher from Valparaiso: “Both my teenage girls came to the practice for braces. Great staff, both front desk and behind the scenes. Very caring, patient staff. I liked the convenient hours, especially with my work schedule and the girls’ extracurricular activities. I was impressed with the fact they could come in any time if there was a problem; they would squeeze her in. Thank you for the little extra care you and your staff always provided.”

Lorri Kilavos from Valparaiso: “I have been extremely pleased with your practice. Excellent care and wonderful staff. Very friendly and kind. Never waited for appointments. Each one was exactly at time. Very pleased. Thank you!”

Kelly Coulopoulos from Valparaiso: “We have had four children plus one adult in orthodontic braces @ Cavanaugh and Nondorf. I have been coming consistently for appointments for over five years and the friendly, courteous, and professional staff and outstanding care has made it a wonderful experience!”

Amy Bolen from Valparaiso: “We have really enjoyed our experience with Cavanaugh and Nondorf. The appointments have always been on time and I love the staff! I have recommended many of our friends and family to come here because we are so happy with the excellent care we received. Thank you!!! P.S. See you with our next child!”

Nikki Templin from Valparaiso: “Organization of the business can’t get any better. No old-fashioned charts. The ability just to walk up to the front counter and know when to come for the next visit when your child isn’t even out in the waiting room is great. Staff is super-friendly and committed. I like the way the staff comes out to offer parents your child’s progress, needs, or concerns. I also like the flexibility of fitting my children in after school! Thank you!”

Kathy Parpart from Hebron: “I love that the staff is always there with a smile and willing to find answers if you have questions. You can always get in for an appointment when needed. Love the results! I do recommend people to you when they are looking for orthodontics work.”

Betsy Walits from Valparaiso: “Probably the best-organized staff, crew, and doctors I’ve been associated with. This is my second child. I would not want to go anywhere else! Payment terms are reasonable.”

Lauryn Edwards from Walkerton: “Staff is fantastic, appointments always on time. Gave me a perfect smile.”

Rod Gardin from Valparaiso: “We are very pleased with the care provided by Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics. All three of our children have had orthodontic work done, and the outcomes have been very satisfactory! They each have beautiful smiles!”

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