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How a person feels about his or her smile can have a huge impact on life, personally and professionally. Smiles are one of the first things people notice about one another; having an incredible smile means you’ll make a great impression. Dr. Robert Cavanaugh, Dr. Matthew Nondorf, and our team members love helping people develop healthy, beautiful, confident smiles... smiles that last a lifetime.

We promise you’ll always be treated with respect, compassion, and gentleness. We know you’re making a positive, lasting change in your life and we are glad to be part of the process. Each of us thrives on the relationships we develop with our patients and how they become our friends.

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Cavanaugh and Nondorf Orthodontics, in Valparaiso, IN, serves patients from Portage, Chesterton, and surrounding communities. Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or a loved one today. We can’t wait to start you on your way to an incredible smile, one you’ll love sharing with confidence!

Google 5-Star Rated!

“Our two oldest daughters went there for their braces, so when our youngest daughter needed braces of course we went back. The doctors and staff are wonderful, They really work with your schedule and with our daughters’ school and dance practice schedule. I would recommend them to every person that needs braces.”

Billie G.

“Our experience at Cavanaugh and Nondorf has exceeded my expectations. From quality of care to the great, friendly staff to the on-time and convenient appointments, we have been extremely pleased with our journey through braces!”

Michelle N.

“I’ve had four children who have had/are having ortho treatment. The staff has always been pleasant and helpful. When there has been any problems or issues the staff has been very accommodating. The appointments have been on time. Through all our years with Cavanaugh/Nondorf orthodontics we’ve had wonderful care.”

Rene D.

“We have had four children plus one adult in orthodontic braces @ Cavanaugh and Nondorf. I have been coming consistently for appointments for over five years and the friendly, courteous, and professional staff and outstanding care has made it a wonderful experience!”

Kelly C.

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